20 Minute Tune Up

 Dawn's healing meditative services helped my anxiety tremendously! I felt as if I was hypnotized! It worked like a charm immediately. She took me from running at 100 to 0 within minutes and I felt the effects into the next day as well! If anyone is suffering from emotional, mental or physical ailments, I highly suggest using Dawn to assist in balancing you back out with her warm, calming vibes and extensive knowledge - totally worth the money!

~Alison P. 


 I've been going to Dawn for a little over a year for massages. She's a Godsend! I was in an auto accident and went to chiropractors, neurologists, and was on various medications, but after losing my job due to my injuries I wasn't able to afford all my doctor visits and medication anymore. I can budget in massage every 5 weeks though! At first I had to go more often, but now we're basically maintaining. If I skip too long I end up with a lot of pain, so this is the one appointment I always try to make. I like that Dawn listens to you! I have a lot of painful areas that can't take a heavy touch. I've been to massage therapists who just dug into me and caused me a lot of pain. I dreaded my next appointment with them. But Dawn is willing to take the extra time to work those painful spots with gentle pressure. I really appreciate that about her! I highly recommend her! I can't say enough good things about her!    Shannon B. 

Life Coaching


After my very first coaching session, I felt lighter. I have to say that I was skeptical and even, what one might call, resistant. All you need to do, though, is open your mind to Dawn's compassion and healing powers! She will take care of you! What to expect? I say, just expect improvement. Don't define your improvement, per se, just be confident that it will come. And, Dawn will help you set a realistic goal for the session. She has quite a few techniques in her repertoire and will choose the one that fits you best. Be ready to work, though! Dawn will graciously help you set your intention, but you need to be open to the process! Enjoy!

~Marina S.

Massage and Energy Work


Life Coaching

  Dawn is a beautiful soul that comes directly from the heart as she helps you move through blockages.  She is also intuitive and witty, and makes you feel wonderful.  Make sure to book an appointment; you won't regret it!"   ~Reverend Terry S.  

20 Minute Tune Up

  I recently had my first ever energy healing session with Dawn, and not only was the healing itself a wonderful experience for me, but the after effects have helped me more than I ever expected! I had never spoken with Dawn other than a few messages prior to the session, and we did an over the phone session, so naturally I was a little nervous and unsure what to expect. The call itself was 20 minutes, but within the first 5, I felt super comfortable and at ease. Her voice is gentle and soothing and it helped so much in getting me into the relaxed state, which as a mom of two boys under 5 is a rare occurrence. Dawn talked me through the whole process, asking me questions and making the experience specific and personal to me. She did a card reading at the end of the session, which she later sent me a picture of, and it was bone chillingly accurate to the thoughts I had been thinking about during the session, and my reasoning behind trying energy healing to begin with. As quickly as the next morning, I was mentally reacting to the healing. I was able to reference the picture of the card and visualize the description of Dawn's words during our session and it helped bring me back to that moment of peace and serenity and apply it to the present. Every day I am able to reach new goals I set for myself because of my ability to regroup myself using the tactics from my healing with Dawn as a tool. Prior to the healing, I had much more difficulty composing myself in that way. I would recommend an energy healing session with Dawn in a heartbeat!   

~Lorna M