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Many Colors of Me

Get Your Daily Dose of Mindfulness for the whole family

"He closes his eyes and says, “I breathe in the color RED right through my nose, down through my body, and out through my toes.”
This   interactive, chakra meditation story is ideal for parents and children  to read  together. Using the tried and tested methods of repetition,  the story  helps instill positive values in your child and teaches them  meditation  skills, allowing good feelings to become ingrained in their  mind and  spirit. This book allows children to discover that they  intuitively have  the tools inside themselves to deal with many of  life’s issues.

Start meditating with your kids today!

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*For those local to Bridgewater, MA, signed copies are available for porch pick up. Contact me directly to order. $12 cash or Venmo

What readers are saying

Author reads to child

This book appeals to my inner child!

This  is a perfect feel good story for children to hear or read. It brings awareness to the concept of feelings, energy, and self empowerment. I love the illustrations and the story sequence of this book. As a former early childhood teacher I know this book would have been a favorite in  my classroom.
~ Phyllis SImonetta 

A little one enjoying his favorite bedtime story.

There is s great need for this timeless but perhaps forgotten wisdom

Amazing  book, simple, refreshing, and beautiful! I wish I had this knowledge as a kid! It's a great way to encourage and help my toddler when he gets anxious and angry to refer to Many Colors of me...  
The focus on breath with calm emotions has helped so much already and he loves the artwork!  
In our rapidly changing and confusing world, this book is a needed and valuable resource both parents and children can trust in.
~ Erich E 

Dawn reading to a classroom via Skype

A must have!

I  absolutely love this book. As a Clinical Social Worker and Mom, both my students and children adore this book. The thoughtfully crafted words  and beautiful illustrations really help guide children through a series of mindful moments. I highly recommend you purchase this book!
~ Amazon Customer 

Enjoying the story together

Great way to show kids how they can control their feelings

I  am a Pre-K teacher and I was lucky enough to be local to the author Dawn. She actually came to my class and read to the children. It was amazing for the kids to see a “real life” author. The story of the young boy going through different emotions and meditation techniques was very helpful for my students to understand. We use bits and pieces from this book everyday.
~ Jenn Brenn 

Child reading with images coming alive from the pages

My little one really enjoys this book!

My son really enjoys this book. It’s a great way to introduce meditation and mindfulness to a little one. He likes going through the colors and we reference the book when there is a need to calm down (during a tantrum).
~ Katherine B. 

Book with heart shaped pages

I love this book!

As a Psychologist that works with many children, I love this book. I have  given it to many of my clients to help with mindfulness. It’s colorful  and fun.
~ Sandra Andrade 

Image of chakras